Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn to Star in A Quiet Place: Day One


Joseph Quinn had his big moment this year with Stranger Things but now the actor joins another interesting project with A Quiet Place: Day One.

Joseph Quinn
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Joseph Quinn managed to reach its peak of popularity thanks to Eddie Munsonthe character he played in stranger thingsthe popular fantasy series of Netflix. In that program, his character was considered a rebel within the school where the gang of young protagonists attends, but little by little we learn that he has a noble heart, he helps these boys in their fight against Vecna ​​and even sacrifices himself, but not before play Master of Puppets of metallica in the Upside Down.

Now Joseph Quinn is news again thanks to the fact that he would be about to join a project that will surely generate a lot of interest in the public. Deadline reported that the interpreter is about to close his participation in A Quiet Place: Day Onethe prequel to the film that tells the story of a family’s survival to the invasion of aliens who have hyper-developed ears and hunt anyone who makes the slightest sound.

A special opportunity for Joseph Quinn


The credits of Joseph Quinn include shares in Game of Thrones, Dickensian, Les Misérables, Catherine the Great Y Small Ax. The actor will accompany another proper name that is gaining popularity in recent times, especially since she is a winner of the Oscar award which in turn stands out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who are we talking about? Lupita Nyong’o. It must be clarified that nothing is known about the characters that they will develop in the prequel produced by paramount.

Jeff Nichols was originally hired to write and direct the film in which he will star Joseph Quinn beside Lupita Nyong’o but he was later replaced at the end of last year by the director of Pig, Michael Sarnoski. Also, john krasinskidirector of the first installments of this story that led those films, is developing another sequel to Quiet Place which could arrive in 2025.

joseph quinn He is going through an unforgettable year for his professional career thanks to the character with which he managed to win the affection of the public, Eddie Munsonthat many fans of stranger things They expect him to return to that fiction for his last season. Meanwhile the actor can be happy with his participation in A Quiet Place: Day One It will hit theaters around the world. on March 4, 2024.

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