Stranger Things: first revelations about season 5

Season 5 of “Stranger Things” will be the last. It should arrive on Netflix in 2024. The Duffer brothers, the creators of the series, recently revealed their first ambitions for this conclusion. And she promises to make tears flow!

Stranger Things: the end is near

Broadcast on Netflix between May and July, season 4 of Stranger Things unleashed passions. It must be said that these new episodes were highly anticipated, after being postponed due to the health crisis. Our young heroes discovered with horror the existence of Vecna, the most powerful antagonist they had to face so far.

After nine thrilling episodes and cruel sacrifices (Eddie, if you look at us…), Eleven and her friends thought they were done with Vecna. But the latter had finally managed to put his plan into action and create a collision between the Upside Down and Hawkins. The final sequence then revealed the city invaded by this dark dimension and Will felt that Vecna ​​was still alive. Enough to augur a season 5 rich in emotions, especially since it will be the last.

Stranger Things season 4 episode 9 © Netflix

First indiscretions on season 5

Season 5 is currently being written, and filming should begin in 2023 for an episode release in 2024 (although no specific date has yet been revealed). For more credibility with the physical change actors growing up, a leap into the future is possible. Season 5 could therefore take place several years after the end of season 4.

To make us wait, we can count on the Duffer brothers, the creators of the series to reveal the first clues about this highly anticipated final season. Thus, during the last Stranger Things Day on November 6, they unveiled the title of the first episode which is therefore called The Crawl.

This Sunday, November 13, during a panel discussion organized by Netflix (via variety), Matt and Ross Duffer went a step further, and revealed their intentions for this season 5. And it should be a best-of of all the previous ones:

We see the 5 as the culmination of all seasons. So she will take the best of each. Basically, each season has its own particularity (…) season 3 is the summer blockbuster with big monsters, season 4 was that of psychological horror. We are trying to return to the tone of the beginning there, that of season 1. But the last episodes will be in the spirit of season 4, in terms of ambition (…)

Expected dramas

During this 45-minute discussion, the Duffer brothers also revealed that, during their presentation meeting for season 5 of Stranger Things to Netflix, tears had flowed from the production side. We can therefore expect to have to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters. The creators concluded by confiding that the most important thing for them remained the treatment of the narrative arcs of the characters, and that no one would be left out:

The supernatural dimension is as important as the characters. And we have many who are still alive. It is important for us to conclude their arcs, because for the most part, we have been following their evolution since season 1. It is a balance to be found, it is necessary to both conclude their stories, and reveal the last secrets of the series.

See you in 2024 to discover the long-awaited outcome of Stranger Things !

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