Stranger Things already showed the monster of season 5 and you didn’t notice

The fifth season of Stranger Things has not had any details revealed so far. But the first year of the series may have already shown what the big monster will be in this Netflix series finale.

A detail from the Season 1 finale of Stranger Things, combined with part of Nancy’s vision in Season 4, offers a clue to explain the monster likely to appear in Season 5: Thessalhydra.

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Despite having defeated Vecna, a vast gate between Hawkins and the Upside Down is opened, putting the fate of the town and its beloved characters in a precarious situation in Stranger Things season five.

This is further compounded by a vision of the future that Nancy Wheeler experiences when she is captured by Vecna.

After being released, she tells Eddie, Dustin, Robin, Steve, Lucas, Max, and Erica that she saw her mother, Karen, her brother, Mike, and her sister, Holly, all suffering an apparently horrible fate.

More than that, Vecna ​​shows Nancy the fate of Hawkins and the world, making the dangers that will be unleashed in Stranger Things season five even more terrifying.

When recounting what Vecna ​​showed her, Nancy specifically mentions a “giant creature with an open mouth”. This creature could be linked to the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas play in the Wheelers’ basement at the end of Stranger Things season 1.

Stranger Things season 5 monster

In Dungeons & Dragons, Thessalhydra is huge and reaches 20 feet tall and is between 30 and 36 feet long. More pertinently, its defining feature is a huge gaping mouth surrounded by eight heads.

As such, this fits Nancy’s description of the creature she sees in her vision in Stranger Things season four.

Despite this superficial resemblance, the psychological bonds Vecna ​​has with Nancy and Will offer a bigger hint that Stranger Things season five’s monster will be Thessalhydra.

Will’s connection to Mindflayer and, by extension, Vecna ​​is at the forefront of much of Stranger Things’ first four seasons. In this way, Will’s painting of Mike and the rest of his group fighting a multi-headed creature can be seen to have even greater significance.

What is certain is that if the creature in Nancy’s vision in Stranger Things season 4 is Thessalhydra, she will be a formidable adversary.

Stranger Things 4, volume two, is now available on Netflix. The fifth has already been confirmed, but there is no release date set yet.

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