Stranger Things actor joining Liam Neeson’s movie


A Netflix figure meets an action expert to return to the big screen. This will be the film with the screenwriter of Spider-Man.

An actor from Stranger Things will work with Liam Neeson.
© IMDbAn actor from Stranger Things will work with Liam Neeson.

The next may 27th, Netflix will release the first volume of the fourth season from stranger things. In this sense, the streaming giant will once again present the characters that stole the hearts of platform users with its original premiere in 2016. One of the cast members will be Joe Keery, who will be back to bring Steve to life. But this is not the only project on the actor’s agenda, since this Thursday it was confirmed that he will accompany Liam Neeson in his next movie.

As reported by Deadline, the Netflix star is about to return to the big screen after his performance as Keys in FreeGuythe film starring Ryan Reynolds available in Star+. On this occasion, the film will show him with a facet that he already explored in Stranger Things: action and science fiction based on a novel. But this time, he will do it with an expert in the genre.

Liam Neeson and Joe Keery will be responsible for leading the cast of cold storagetape that will have the address of Johnny Campbell. For its part, the script will be in the hands of the author of this story, David Koppwho has a vast experience in cinema, since he worked on films such as Spider-Man, Mission Impossible and Jurassic Park. In the role of producer, Gavin Polone stands out.

Its filming will begin in the fall of this year and it plans its premiere in 2023. What will it be about? Deadline explains: “Several decades ago, a highly infectious and constantly mutating microorganism – capable of extinction-level destruction – was contained in a military facility. Currently, the military sealed off the lowest sublevel of the facility and sold the remaining space to a self-storage company.”.

The full synopsis:As temperatures rise underground, the microorganism finds a way to escape and, if allowed to spread, will soon multiply out of control around the world. The fate of humanity now rests with a retired bioterrorist agent and two unlikely heroes employed at the facility, who are caught in a race against time to destroy the organism and save humanity.”. In times of coronavirus, they will combine conspiracy theories, terror and fun throughout this promising story.

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