Stranger Things: 5 facts that make us love Steve even more

spoiler alert

Steve started out as your typical high school alpha male character in the first season of Stranger Things. Over the episodes and seasons, however, it has evolved in such a way that it has become a fan favorite.

However, there are elements present in the story since the first season, which already indicated that he is an amazing person.

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We’ll see some of those, plus some recent events from Season 4, that just make us love the character from Netflix further.

Steve jumps headfirst into adventures

While most of the adults (and young adults) in the series act as impediments in the children’s lives, Steve always decides to help Dustin and the others.

He even secretly shakes hands with Dustin, goes on spy missions with him, is the first to dive to find the portal to the Upside Down, and more.

Not to mention he’s always ready to fight monsters when the going gets tough.

He doesn’t pressure Nancy

In the first season of Stranger Things, Steve sneaks into Nancy’s room hidden from her parents. Eventually he tries to kiss her, instead of studying as they planned.

At first, it looks like we’re going to see him being an asshole, but when she shows she doesn’t want to, he immediately backs off, tells her she’s beautiful, and continues to ask questions to study.

We can already see that Steve is different from the others.

Steve says he doesn’t want to be a babysitter, but…

At one point in season four, Steve complains that he’s always stuck with the kids, saying he’s tired of babysitting.

But it doesn’t take long for us to see his softer side, especially when Max gives him a letter (which should only be opened if she dies).

In this scene, he puts on the cutest face possible, fully respecting Max’s moment, clearly enjoying being remembered by her.

He ‘let’ Nancy go

The romance between Nancy and Jonathan could have generated a lot more fights with Steve. But he’s a nice guy, and that didn’t happen.

In season two, Steve and Nancy have a brief conversation where he understands her connection to Jonathan.

He shows maturity and says she should go with Jonathan. Essentially he ‘let’ her (not that she needs permission, of course) go because he loves her and knows what’s best for her.

Steve doesn’t expose Robin

At one point in season four, Steve wants to make it clear to Dustin and Nancy that he and Robin aren’t dating, they’re just friends.

In that sequence, he could have easily pulled her out of the closet, revealing that she only likes women, but he didn’t and kept her friend’s secret.

This is extremely important, something anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community will recognize.

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