Stranger Things 4, volume 2: new unpublished photos before the premiere on Netflix


Stranger Things advances the second part of its fourth season on Netflix with new images of the central characters of the plot. Check them out here!

Stranger Things 4, volume 2: new unpublished photos before the premiere on Netflix.
© NetflixStranger Things 4, volume 2: new unpublished photos before the premiere on Netflix.

stranger things returned to the streaming service Netflix on May 27 with volume 1 of its fourth season and the following episodes will be available soon. As expected, the series became a new rage within the platform due to expectations after three years without broadcast, but they still want to know more about its continuation and unpublished photos were presented on Tuesday. Do not miss it!

The fourth installment was set months after the battle of Starcourt, which left important consequences on the characters. For the first time, the gang of friends have split up and must deal with their high school traumas. However, everything changes when a new supernatural threat begins to stalk Hawkins and the town must face another challenge with big surprises.

Episode 7 left important revelations for the viewers, such as the person behind neighbor, the villain who is responsible for giving a macabre punishment to his victims by taking them to the Upside Down from their minds. It is about Number One, a man who worked in the laboratory with the other children with whom Dr. Brenner experimented and faced raisethus opening the portal that generates consequences from the first season.

Previously, a first look at the young woman embodied by Millie Bobby Brown arrived, but this Tuesday more unpublished images published on the official social networks of the show arrived. There we see all the characters divided by side, each with different missions on their side for the antagonist in question. raise he regains his powers; Mike and Will returning to Hawkins; the rest of the children managed to return from the Upside Down World to Nancy, Robin, Eddie and Steve; Y hopper is rescued by Joyce In alaska.

+When is Stranger Things 4, volume 2 released?

According to the information provided a while ago, volume 2 season 4 stranger things will premiere on Netflix next Friday, July 1. There will be two chapters that will be available, which will have a total duration of more than 4 hours, so they will feel like two movies to close the fourth installment, although it will not be the end, since there is a confirmed fifth season .

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