Stranger Things 4: Vecna ​​Has Tragic Connection to Eleven’s First Victims

spoiler alert

The first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things shows how Vecna ​​came about and his connection to Eleven, but what not everyone should remember is that he inspired the way Eleven took her first victims.

As we see in the fourth year of the Netflix series, Vecna ​​is actually Henry Creel, son of Victor Creel, who has had powers since he was a boy.

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Eventually, Dr. Brenner begins to experiment on the young man, but at a certain point – which is not shown – he sees that he is too dangerous to let go.

Therefore, he puts in a chip that limits Henry’s powers, which happens to be called Number One. Eventually, he manipulates Eleven, who removes the chip, resulting in the massacre of Hawkins’ lab.

It is precisely the scene of the massacre that brings a direct connection with the first season of the Netflix series, as pointed out by the ScreenRant.

Tragic connection between Vecna ​​and Eleven

In the first year of the Netflix series, Eleven is being hunted by Dr. Brenner, they want to recapture the young girl at any cost, as she opened the portal to the Upside Down shortly before.

This was done when she sent Henry into this parallel reality, as we found out in season four. In the process, he became Vecna, the main villain of this new wave of episodes.

At one point, Brenner’s minions stand before Eleven and become her first victims. We see them bleeding from their eyes and then falling to the ground.

This is also done by Henry Creel in the laboratory massacre, showing that, despite having lost her memory, Eleven remains with traces of her, possibly due to the trauma of everything she went through.

Stranger Things 4, volume two, hits Netflix on July 1st and everything indicates that it will be a tragic end to the season.

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