Stranger Things 4: Fans Discover Clue That [SPOILER] will die in part 2

In the current Stranger Things landscape, no one is safe. Members of the cast and writers of the series have already indicated that the final stretch of the 4th season should have important deaths. But after all: who will say goodbye with the premiere of Part 2 on Netflix? Some fans seem to have already figured out the answer.

Due to the cinematic length of the new Stranger Things episodes, Netflix decided to split season 4 into two parts. The 1st one is already available at Netflixand the 2nd, premieres in early July.

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For many fans, Stranger Things season 4 is the best so far. The new episodes do a great job of introducing a much darker, more adult tone to the story of Eleven and her friends.

See below which Stranger Things character is expected to die at the end of Season 4, according to an interesting fan theory.

Dr. Will Brenner die in Stranger Things 4?

In Stranger Things season 4, Matthew Modine returns as Dr. Martin Brenner.

The new episodes reveal how the scientist began his experiments and became involved with the sinister MKUltra project.

In addition to playing an essential role in the origin of the Vecna ​​monster, Dr. Brenner was responsible for the kidnapping and imprisonment of several children with supernatural abilities – including Eleven.

Despite being an extremely cruel scientist, Dr. Brenner has also established himself as something of a father figure to test subjects. Eleven, for example, called the researcher “Papa” (Dad).

According to the trailer for Part 2 of Stranger Things 4 and the title of one of the new episodes, it seems that Dr. Brenner will die.

“As soon as I saw Matthew Modine’s name in the credits, I thought, ‘They’re giving him one last moment in the spotlight before they kill him,'” one fan commented in a Reddit post.

Also, the first episode of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 has been given the title “Pope” – which seems like a big clue about Dr. Brenner.

“As the new episode is called Papa, everything is even more obvious”, clarified another user of the social network.

Over on Reddit, Stranger Things fans have reached a consensus: Dr Brenner will indeed die at the end of Season 4.

According to the trailer’s scenes, everything indicates that the character will have a kind of “heroic sacrifice” to save Eleven.

“The scene that shows him carrying Eleven symbolizes that he will sacrifice himself to save her,” commented another viewer.

In this way, the outcome of Dr. Brenner can offer redemption for the character, as happened with Billy at the end of third year.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1; see the trailer below.

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