Strangeness of the living: this video reiterates the incredible intelligence of the coconut octopus

A diver exploring in Sulawesi had the chance to film a unique behavior. In the images, a young octopus coconutvisibly embarrassed by this human presence, goes to hide in the shell empty of a clam. Thanks to its suction cups that stick to the walls and its powerful tentacles, it manages to lock itself in its hiding place in the space of a few seconds.

Amphioctopus marginatus lives in the warm waters of Indonesia and the Philippines, on the floor oceanic desert. Usually, octopuses like to hide between rocks as much for protection as for hunting. The coconut octopus has found an ingenious solution. She uses everything that falls between its tentacles to constitute a hiding place: shells of mollusc most of the time, but also coconuts – hence its nickname – or even waste. It’s the very first invertebrate known to use toolsjust like elephants scratching themselves with a branch or great apes throwing stones to defend themselves.

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