Strangeness of the living: the Melibe, surprising forms of life nestled at the bottom of the oceans!

What if the weirdest life forms didn’t live in space, but deep in our oceans? To convince you, here a species of sea slug both strange and fascinating. This is thespecies Melibe viridispopular with photographers submarines because of his morphology unique. What looks like pairs of legs along its body are actually ceratasorgans typical of nudibranchs which, for this species, act as gills.

But the most incredible thing about this sea slug is the big sucker translucent which covers his head. This is dotted with sensitive taste buds that allow the animal to find its prey on the seabed. Like a detector metals, Melibe viridis probe the sedimentthe suction cup extended, looking for tiny shellfish. As soon as it finds one, the strange creature suddenly closes its suction cup to capture it. This is a hunting technique worthy of the best science fiction movies!

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