Strangeness of life: amazing cat-headed caterpillars!

The caterpillarslarval forms of butterflies, are the favorite meal of many birds and other insects carnivores. To increase their chance of survival, the caterpillars have developed all sorts of dissuasive strategies: strange shapes, colors sharp, poisonous hairs or stinging, etc It’s unclear whether caterpillars evolved to scare birds away, but the resemblance is striking. Strangely, the rest of the caterpillar’s body is classic, green and vermiform, as if the larva had just put a cat mask on his head.

Obviously, the term cat’s-head caterpillar is unscientific. The specimens photographed here by a Japanese enthusiast, Toru Kawabebelong to three species different: Mycalesis gotama, Mycalesis franciscaand Neope goschkevitschii. These three species of butterfly are native to East Asia and belong to the subfamily Satyrinaebutterflies diurnal which have in common the maroon-brown color of their wings.

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