Strange World: The Disney Movie grossed less than expected with its first screenings

Based on the latest estimates collected, it would seem that Strange World, the new Disney film, is grossing less than expected.

The very first numbers of the cash of Disney’s new animated feature film, Strange Worlddo not seem to bode well, especially in relation to the previously expressed monetary forecasts in this regard.

Strange World A Mysterious World 9

Strange World – A mysterious world: a scene from the film

While accompanied by consistently positive reviews, Strange World grossed a disappointing $800,000 in its initial showings on Tuesday. All of this goes against expectations according to which he would earn between 30 and 40 million dollars over the five days including the Thanksgiving holiday, although of course nothing is certain when it comes to the general public.

Strange World – Un Mondo Misterioso, the review: a great (and human) adventure story

To report the first estimates was variety, who specifies that everything obviously remains possible in the next few days, taking into consideration the fact that families will move both hand in hand with the holidays and afterwards. While waiting for data to be collected for the other 4,174 locations in which it will be screened in the United States and Canada, we just have to wait for new details, avoiding comparisons with other films released in previous periods, and remembering that at the moment Strange World must yet to contend with a behemoth like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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