Strange? Alicia Silverstone shares bed with son (11)

Alicia Silverstone (45) seems to appreciate being close to her son Bear. In May 2011, the Clueless actress and her then-partner became Christopher Jarecki first time parents. The blonde always shows online how important her offspring is to her. But she has often had to take criticism for her unusual upbringing methods. Well betrayed Aliciathat Bear still sleeps in the same bed with her.

In which The Ellen Fisher Podcast the 45-year-old spoke openly about her everyday life with the eleven-year-old. For example, she revealed that when it comes to parenting, she only listens to her heart and follows nature. The actress also made no secret of the fact that she and her son share a bed. “Bear and I are still sleeping next to each other. I’m definitely going to get criticism for that, but I don’t really care.”, she reported. After all, in the wild, animals wouldn’t put their babies down anywhere for fear of being eaten.

Already had in 2014 Alicia In her book The Kind Mama, she says that putting her baby in a cot is a form of “child neglect.” “I believe in love and I believe in nature, and our society is afraid of nature and afraid of love”the “Senior Year” actress explained her thoughts.

Instagram / aliciasilverstone

Alicia Silverstone and her son Bear in August 2021

Instagram / aliciasilverstone

Alicia Silverstone’s son in March 2022

Instagram / aliciasilverstone

Alicia Silverstone and her son Bear in December 2021

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