"storm of Love": Because of Romy: Is Paul canceling the wedding after all?

The current series news in the GALA ticker: “Storm of Love”: Past traumas make Paul doubt the wedding with Josie +++ “In all friendship”: Jasmin is caught between the legs by a patient +++ “Storm of the Love”: After the separation, Leon turns his back on the Fürstenhof.

The series news in the GALA ticker

November 16, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Does Paul back out of irrational fear?

“Storm of Love” fans have been waiting for this for a long time, now the time has finally come: Paul (Sandro Kirtzel, 32) and Josie (Lena Conzendorf, 31) have finally found each other after many trials and tribulations. Now nothing stands in the way of the perfect happiness of the two and the dream wedding can come – if it weren’t for Paul’s traumatic past. After all, he is not standing in front of the altar for the first time: years ago he wanted to marry Romy (Désirée von Delft, 37) in the very same meadow where Josie and he now want to say yes.

At that time Romy collapsed during the bridal waltz and died a little later due to poisoning. When Josie collapses in a daydream before his eyes and history seems to repeat itself, Paul begins to doubt whether there should really be a wedding. Even though he knows his fears are irrational, he worries that something could happen to Josie too. The next few weeks will show whether he will still be able to overcome his fear.

November 15, 2022

“In all friendship”: Jasmin is grabbed between the legs by a patient

In the episode, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 15, “In All Friendship” addresses an extremely serious situation: Carsten Wiebold (André Röhner, 46), the administrative director of a large Dresden clinic, is hospitalized with abdominal pain. This is an “important” patient for the Sachsenklinik, who, at the request of Dr. Clemens Seidel (Moritz von Zeddelmann, 34) should receive special treatment. But the “VIP patient” flirts unashamedly with nurse Jasmin Hatem (Leslie-Vanessa Lill, 28) and even offers her a job in his clinic.

When she no longer wants to respond to his flirtation, he grabs her sister’s arm and between her legs. Jasmin can tear herself away and runs out into the hallway, still in shock. After much hesitation, she overcomes herself and confides in Sarah Marquardt (Alexa Maria Surholt, 54), who, however, downplays the situation and presents it as a misunderstanding. Is Jasmin now all alone or will Sarah still be able to help her – and above all want to? This will be shown in the current episode, which will be broadcast at 9 p.m. on the first.

November 14, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Actor Carl Bruchhäuser leaves the telenovela

“Storm of Love” fans saw it coming. The viewers know the dream couple of the current season and now Josie (Lena Conzendorf, 31) and Paul (Sandro Kirtzel, 32) have finally found each other. In order for this to happen, however, both had to separate from their respective partners. First it was Paul’s girlfriend, Constanze von Thalheim (Sophia Schiller, 27), who stood in the way of the dream couple. After she left the country and the series, it was only a matter of time before Josie’s current boyfriend Leon, played by Carl Bruchhäuser, also had to make way for 31.

And that’s how it happens: Leon proposes to Josie, but she refuses and ultimately breaks up with him too, in order to be happy with Paul after a long back and forth. On Instagram, the fans are already preparing for the farewell to Josie and Paul, because it is a “Storm of Love” tradition that the season’s dream couple also leaves the Fürstenhof. “I don’t want Josie and Paul to go,” writes a:e user:in and receives approval from others for the wish. Some fans on the social media platform would prefer if the current dream couple didn’t leave Bichlheim immediately – but it looks like Josie and Paul will follow the old tradition: they want to move to Portugal.

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