“Stop instigating hatred”: Friend of Tatiana Boa Nova makes clarification after scolding

In a week in which Tatiana Boa Nova is nominated and is at risk of being expelled from Big Brother, Daniela Poças – a friend of the competitor – used social networks at the end of last Sunday’s gala to clarify.

After Rúben and Tatiana were ‘caught’ having contact with their son in the confessional, in an agreement confirmed by producer Endemol in a statement, Daniela Poças reacted to the ‘suspicion’ that the contestant could give up Big Brother because she has a surgery scheduled for this month: “Much has been said and written. I just wanted to say that Tatiana won’t give up because she scheduled a surgery, a surgery that I canceled a few weeks ago.“, it can be read.

In the same publication, Tatiana Boa Nova’s friend also leaves an appeal: “Stop feeding lies and instigating hatred. Whether you think it’s fair or unfair is one thing. Insulting, mistreating, wishing harm, unloading on professional pages, I don’t think it’s all worth it🇧🇷

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