Stine Bramsen sticks to the Danes with a new song: ‘I get a bad taste in my mouth when we do not take quota refugees’

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DR held a press conference on Wednesday and presented the autumn programs. One of them is ‘My song to Denmark’, where 15 Danish artists give their bid for a song to Denmark.

Among the artists are Andreas Odbjerg, Oh Land, Anne Linnet, Peter Sommer, Branco and Stine Bramsen. The latter was present at the press conference and said that she had spent a long time thinking about what a song for Denmark should contain for her.

‘I could quickly feel: It’s not just a tribute. I have an ambivalence about Danishness and calling myself a Dane. Is it my country when politicians do something I do not think is right? ”Said Ane Cortzen, who hosted the press conference.

Stine Bramsen tells BT that it would be “false” if her song simply exuded “pure harmony, idyll and romance”.

Stine Bramsen.

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“I think it’s very complex to belong to a country – and nationalism in general,” says the singer.

She herself grew up in a home where her mother taught refugees and immigrants Danish.

“So I grew up with everyone being welcome here and there is good reason for people to flee,” she says, adding:

»I can get a bad taste in my mouth when Denmark does not think we have room for quota refugees – then I am not proud to call myself a Dane when I have to introduce myself to a foreigner. I needed to get that and just stick to people a little bit. “

Despite the fact that Stine Bramsen for many years thought she should live abroad because she thought Denmark was sad and gray, today she has surrendered and appreciates living in Denmark. In particular, she has opened her eyes to nature.

Last year, when the Danes really got together about the celebration of the men’s national team’s performance during the European Championships, she was also struck by a joy to feel the togetherness between the Danes.

»There I feel Danish in the beautiful way. To stand there on the lawn and fight for something together, “says the singer.

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