Still in the Golden Raspberry Mood! 10 Films Nominated for the Worst of Cinema Available in Streaming

The infamous Golden Raspberry, Hollywood’s No. 1 enemy, revealed the “winners” of its 2023 edition today, Saturday, March 11th. As usual, the event takes place on the eve of the greatest award in the seventh art: the Oscar. This year a new controversy took hold of Raspberry. The organization never cared about nominating children among the worst actors of their respective years in the past – and has done so countless times (as you can see in the article below). Including giving the “prize” to some. This year, when nominating the girl Ryan Kiera Armstrong by terror’Flames of vengeance’, Raspberry received harsh criticism, possible due to a more conscious and politically correct time in which we live. Thus, the organizers removed the child actress from the race.

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The novelty in relation to this fact, however, came to light during the award ceremony. The Framboesa thought it best to cancel the category of actresses (which had only four nominees) and give the award to the event itself, recognizing its wrong decisions regarding nominations. Framboesa also spoke out and said that from now on it will only recommend actors over 18 years old. Continuing in the mood of the worst of cinema, which is not taken seriously and should be treated as a big joke, we decided to separate for you 10 films recently nominated for the Golden Raspberry in the most varied categories, which are available on streamings. Watch at your own risk, or perhaps for fun and a good laugh.

starring Jared Leto, the film of the villain from the Spider-Man stories was featured in this year’s Raspberry. After the success of ‘venom‘ and its continuation, Sony wanted to invest in the universe of antagonists of Marvel’s main hero. With the vampire’Morbius‘ didn’t work out too well. Better luck is expected for ‘Kraven the Hunter‘. ‘Morbius’ took Raspberries for Worst Actor for Jared Leto and Worst Supporting Actress for Adria Arjona. Other than that, it was still nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director for Daniel Espinosa. The vampire movie is available on HBO Max.

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Considered one of the worst films of the star’s career john travoltaFanatic‘ was released in 2019 and competed for some categories at Raspberry 2020. In the film, Travolta plays an obsessive nerd, a guy with mental problems who, after being rejected and humiliated by his idol, a famous actor, starts to pursue him. The film was the subject of many jokes on the internet and took the Raspberry for worst actor to Travolta. It was also nominated for Worst Picture and Worst Director. Fred Durst, lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit in his second feature film as director. ‘Fanatic’ is available on Netflix.

It was supposed to be a magical, highly inclusive musical. The idea was to show the unique and particular universe of autistic people, treated in a special way so that everyone could see, connect and start to change thinking about this condition. It was supposed to be the singer’s triumphal entry sia out the front door in Hollywood. But the result was a work considered extremely offensive, without much tact, and which bothered other institutions and people directly linked to such causes. Sia tried to defend herself, but it didn’t quite work. ‘Music‘ took the Raspberries for Worst Actress for kate hudsonWorst Supporting Actress for Maddie Ziegler (at the time 19 years old), worst director for Sia, and was even nominated for worst picture. ‘Music’ is available on Amazon Prime Video.

When Blumhouse announced it was picking up the cult ’70s show, ‘the fantasy island‘ and would turn into a horror movie, fans soon turned on the warning bell. It turns out that this was not the program’s genre, which mixed drama, some humor, fantasy (of course) and at most some suspense. The content has always been magic and beauty. Okay, it could have worked, but it didn’t. Everything would be more acceptable if the movie was good. ‘A Ilha da Fantasia’ participated in the 2021 Raspberry, where it was nominated for worst film, two worst supporting actresses (Lucy Hale It is Maggie Q – although Hale is the protagonist), worst screenplay and worst remake. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

No one is free from failure, not even great renowned actors. Such is the case with the Oscar-winning duo, Matthew McConaughey It is Anne Hathaway, who won their statuettes within a year of each other. Despite having prestige and numerous successes in their careers, in recent years both have gone through a bad phase. One of the lowest points they have ever reached was in this ‘lull‘, which begins as a modern noir thriller and ends as… well, it’s hard to explain. ‘Calmaria’ was present at Raspberry 2020, where he was nominated for worst actor and worst actress for the respective – but came out unscathed with no wins. If you ask me, it deserves a worst picture nomination too. The long is present in the collection of HBO Max.

One of the great favorites of the Golden Raspberry is the director Tyler Perry and his films, shall we say, difficult to put up with. The director, however, has his target audience, and manages to continue producing his films. His fans attend enough to have made him rich, becoming one of the great Hollywood producers, owner of scenic cities where great productions are filmed. None of this justifies the quality of its comedies at the level of “Zorra Total” or its dramas at the level of “Mexican drama”. But there is taste for everything. ‘A Family Funeral‘, however, fell into the graces of Raspberry 2020 where it was nominated for no less than seven “awards”: worst film, worst screenplay, worst actor (Tyler Perry), worst actress (Tyler Perry – in a play on her characterization as Madea ), worst supporting (Cassi Davis), worst duo and worst continuation. “Comedy” is part of the Telecine Play menu.

What would a Golden Raspberry Awards be without a feature film? Adam Sandler, right? Let’s be fair, it’s not just Framboesa who speaks ill of Sandler’s comedies, and year in and year out, the comedian is the target of most critics or viewers. ‘Hubie’s Halloween‘ was one of the most detonated in recent years, appearing in the 2021 Raspberry, the film was nominated for worst actor (Sandler), worst duo (Sandler with his forced voice) and worst continuation or remake (I don’t know which item was taken into account for this category). The film is a Netflix original production.

And if Adam Sandler is a constant target of critics and Raspberry, it’s clear that his pals wouldn’t go unscathed. One of the most prominent is the short blonde David Spaderemembered by Raspberry in the same year as his mentor Sandler, for the comedy ‘the wrong missy‘. In the plot, Spade is a superficial guy, who wants to spend a romantic weekend at a resort with a woman he has a crush on. However, he ends up inviting the wrong person by confusing the names in his phone book on his cell phone. And well, that’s the story of the movie. As deep as ‘Casablanca’, right? Spade was nominated for worst actor, Missy of the title, Lauren Lapkus was nominated for Worst Actress, and both were nominated for Worst Couple. The film is also a Netflix original production.

The first ‘Evil doll‘ it was even an interesting horror, and to say the least surprising, with its plot about an elderly couple who hire a nanny to take care of their son, the boy Brahms. The catch is that the son was actually a doll. The young woman embarks on the trip and stays at the house for the weekend, until sinister situations begin to occur around her, which lead her to believe that Brahms may be alive. The big draw is the final twist, which takes away any supernatural element from the plot. The continuation of 2020 throws all of that up and invests in a declared supernatural thriller. Worse for the forgotten Katie Holmes, who had to deal with being nominated for worst actress at Raspberry. Horror meets on HBO Max.

To this day I remember the press session of ‘obsessive passion‘, one of the most fun I’ve ever been on. That’s because if you don’t take this pseudo thriller seriously, you can have a good laugh with the exaggerations of the script, and the deliciously corny clichés used in the work – like the faces and mouths of the villain. Everything feels purposefully cheesy and novelistic. A beaten plot that seems dated already in its launch year in 2017. It didn’t work out, and became the target of Framboesa. However, perhaps realizing the joke a little, Raspberry indicated only the protagonist Katherine Heigl for worst actress and not the movie. It’s on HBO Max.

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