Still goalkeeper and Fantozzi defenders: the 3 goals of the scandal suffered by Figline in Tuscan Excellence. Exposed of Livorno to the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office

The barrier that falls apart and the goalkeeper immobile on a seemingly harmless free kick. A dribbling attempt by the goalkeeper worthy of a match on the beach. And again a ball bounced countless times just outside the penalty area by the whole defense, an example of what not to do that players usually learn in the Beginners category. Yet this is the dynamics of the three goals conceded in the 90th, 93rd and 94th years since Figlinecompany ofExcellence Tuscany. The Florentine team, which had a recent past also in Serie C, thus allowed the opponents of the Tau Football – society of Altopascio, in the province of Lucca – to win 5-1. An attitude of apparent general amnesia that readers will be able to judge thanks to the images granted by Lucca TV NoiTv and which caused an indignant statement from the opponents (“Behaviors outside our sporting culture”) and above all an exposure to Federal prosecutor both of Tau both of Livornonoble decay of football ended up among amateurs, which is the third and last team that makes up the round of poule promotion (after which the first two will be promoted to D series).

But why would Figline have staged this somewhat sad unsportsmanlike show to concede three goals in 5 minutes after an entire championship from the top of the class? We need to take a look at regulation And classification. The regulation says that the first two of the group to 3 go directly to Serie D and that with the same points it is the goal difference that counts. And to date – after that 5-1 – the standings see Figline at 5 points and Livorno and Tau paired at 4. But thanks to the 5-1 shame given to Figline, Tau has a better goal difference than Livorno (+2 against + 1). In this way, in the last match that remains – Livorno-Tau, scheduled at Ardenza next Sunday – the Leghorns are forced to win to go to D (and in case they would take Figline behind them). The same would happen if the Tau won at theArmando Picchi. Finally, a draw would send Tau to D, forcing Livorno to make another final play-off with Figline. That therefore, without even playing, after Sunday he still has all the possibilities to play the direct promotion in Serie D. Unless, after the analysis of the videos (not difficult to tell the truth), the judge does not intervene federal.

Video by NoiTv Lucca

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