Stib goes back to 90% of pre-pandemic attendance

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The Brussels public transport company recorded nearly 274 million trips on its network last year, 12% more than in 2020. At the end of November and the beginning of December even, frequentation of the Stib returned for the first time. times over 90% of its pre-pandemic rate, in 2019.

For the coming year, Brieuc de Meeûs is therefore confident. “If we follow the same curve as 2021, we will arrive at 75-80% of 2019”. The boss of the Stib is still aiming for a return to normal at the end of 2023, while taking into account the impact of teleworking.

However, he deplores an impressive number of physical attacks against STIB employees, noting a considerable deterioration of the situation over the past month. “There is not a day when there are not two, even three or four attacks against Stib agents. It is really impressive and revolting ”. The phenomenon concerns the whole of the regional territory.

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