Sthe Matos speaks for the first time after a bus accident and reveals moments of tension: ‘I was thrown’

Influencer Sthe Matos spoke for the first time about the accident she suffered this Friday (11) alongside her boyfriend, singer Kevin Jonny. The bus that took the artist’s team to the municipality of Luís Eduardo Magalhães crashed on BR-242, in western Bahia, close to the city of Cristopolis.

“Hi teamee! Now that I’m feeling better, I came to reassure you. I’m here today being able to talk to you by a true miracle. God delivered us and luckily me, Kevi and all his team are alive and recovering” , began Stefane.

Then she recounted the moments of horror she spent inside the vehicle. “In the accident, I was thrown into the luggage compartment of the bus. I took a very strong blow to the head and back and passed out at the moment of the crash. I remained unconscious for a while and when I woke up, already in the ambulance, I was in a lot of pain and losing lots of oxygen, but the doctors (angels) would make it stable”.

Sthefane Matos talks about health status after accident: ‘Difficulty getting around’

Hospitalized, the influencer told how her health status is: “I’m still feeling very strong pain in the region of the blow and I’m having difficulty moving around; because the pain is intense”.

“I was transferred to another medical unit, where I am doing some tests and waiting for the result. I will be under observation for a few more days. As soon as possible I will bring you news. I am waiting for the results of the tests”, he said.

Then, she thanked the followers for their affection: “Thank you so much for your concern and for each message. God is wonderful! Keep praying for me. I love you.”

Sthefane Matos was admitted to the ICU after a brain problem

In March of this year, the famous had already left fans worried. She was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital in Salvador, after being diagnosed with a brain bleed.

The case reverberated on the web, especially among the influencer’s fans, who were reassured by the young woman’s press office.

Outside the hospital, Sthe revealed the possible reason for the brain problem. “It may have been at a time of more effort, as I was in the viral condition, I was coughing a lot. At the time that I tried harder to cough, an artery may have ruptured and caused this possible bleeding,” he said.

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