Steve, 38, fatally stabbed at Moustier station: the reconstruction of the murder has taken place, “it’s a black hole” for the alleged perpetrator

This Wednesday morning, Jason, 19, the alleged perpetrator of the stab wounds which were fatal to Steve Berger, a 38-year-old Jemeppois, returned to Place de la Gare, in Moustier-sur-Sambre, where a reconstruction of the facts of April 28 was organized by the investigating judge Burton. It took place in the apartment occupied by the victim.

►► All our photos and videos re-enactment!

►► The facts took place in a context ofalcohol
: Here’s how the evening went.

For the alleged perpetrator, “it’s the black hole”. He woke up one knife by hand.

►► Another suspect was present: the versions of the two men differ.

►► Phone calls, leaks… this is what happened after the stab wounds.

Of the Jason’s friends came to support him. The alleged perpetrator of the fatal stab wounds was brought back to Namur prison where he has been imprisoned since his arrest on the night of April 28. Since Steve’s death, the charges against him have been reclassified as murder.

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