Stéphanie from Monaco: her daughter Camille Gottlieb breaks the silence on vaccination, her point of view might surprise you!

Camille Gottlieb is one of the members of the Grimaldi clan to follow urgently on the Web. Being very close to her community, Caroline de Monaco’s niece likes to reveal her upcoming projects, her looks of the moment or her travels to the four corners of the world on Instagram. Not having her tongue in her pocket, the young woman brilliantly uses her notoriety to defend causes that are dear to her. Like many, the health crisis has impacted his daily life.

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To date, caution is required during this pandemic period. But the debate rages on the vaccination of the population. As a reminder, the vaccine allows above all to avoid developing serious forms of the virus. At the same time and to counter the new waves, many countries have imposed new measures on its citizens. For her part, Camille Gottlieb seems to have chosen her camp. Via her Instagram account, the half-sister of Louis and Pauline Ducruet relayed the post of a blogger named @raphael_fvr. In his publication, the latter revealed the reason why he was vaccinated.

We can read: “I have been vaccinated 3 times and I even had the Covid, and no I do not know what is in it, neither in this vaccine, nor in those that I had in my childhood (…) nor in other treatments … Whether for cancer, AIDS, polyarthritis, or vaccines for infants or children. In short. There are a lot of things that I don’t know and that I will never know… I just know one thing: LIFE is short, very short, and I always want to do something other than stay locked in my home (…). I am vaccinated not to please the government but: so as not to die from Covid-19. So that I don’t clutter up a hospital bed if I get sick. So as not to have to give a doctor the choice between me and a patient who is waiting for a transplant or other operation. So as not to have to do PCR or antigen tests to go to a restaurant, go on vacation and many other things to come (….). To see and hug my family and friends. So that the Covid-19 is an old memory. To protect us ”.

A point of view shared by Camille Gottlieb. Being a public figure, Charlotte Casiraghi’s cousin has rarely given up on this subject which is now controversial …


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