Stéphanie Durant (Les Marseillais) mother of Loann, she makes a revelation about her son

Loann, the son of Stéphanie Durant, celebrated his first month and this photo made people react. If she has chosen for the moment not to reveal the face of her baby, the reality TV candidate, who participated in the Marseillais in Dubai, still tries to show off her little boy on social networks just to please his fans. Because since she became a mother, the young woman of 30 years is very followed and Internet users like to ask her a lot of questions about her pregnancy and her new role. Moreover, during an FAQ organized on November 23, 2021, she made a revelation about her little one …

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Stéphanie Durant’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @stephaniedurant

Asked about the physique of her child, Stephanie Durant responded : “Most people say it’s Theo’s head. But others say it’s a mix … And Theo, he thinks it’s me. In any case, it’s a marvel. (word of mom) “. It is therefore difficult to know exactly who her little boy looks like, who was born on October 20.

Since Théo Soggiu and Stéphanie Durant, who responded to criticism after being in the midst of a controversy with Loan, have become parents, the pace is intense and it is not always easy for them to manage everything, especially when their son is sick. But fortunately, both always manage to find solutions!

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