Stéphane Plaza victim of a terrible accident: "9 operations" to save his two legs… His loved ones in concern!

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, viewers of Search apartment or house will find Stéphane Plaza and all his teams in a new edition. Once again, the favorite real estate agent of the French and his colleagues will struggle to find THE rare pearl for their clients. For several years, Karine Le Marchand’s sidekick has enjoyed hosting this successful show. Taking up countless challenges does not scare him… Quite the contrary!

Facing the camera, the presenter also likes to entertain the gallery. Constantly, the good mood is at the rendezvous. At 52, Stéphane Plaza is enjoying life to the fullest. Few know it, but in 1998, the actor had the fear of his life… That year, the star had a terrible fall and thus broke both heels. To make matters worse, Stéphane Plaza also comes across an unscrupulous doctor.

“I was told that I could no longer walk…”

“I underwent nine leg operations,” he revealed facing Michel Drucker on the set of Can’t wait for Sunday in March 2022. “Because I’m still a little fishy, ​​the doctor disappeared and we never found him. He had turned my leg.

In the midst of turmoil, his father then decided to send him to a rehabilitation center for high-level athletes in Cape Breton. There, Stéphane Plaza will learn to walk again after several months of convalescence. “I had the chance to go to very great athletes, a rehabilitation center where I think a doctor saved me. And finally, I was able to walk again, but it was not said that I could do it. I was told that I could no longer walk, that I could no longer run, “ analyzed the businessman.

This accident also upset his philosophy of life: “There are two ways to deal with the situation: either you become embittered or you say to yourself ‘I can die tomorrow, so I’m going to enjoy life and give everything I can give'”. It is said !


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