Stéphane Plaza in love and "lost" ? Karine Le Marchand’s sidekick drops intriguing clues about the chosen one of his heart…

For several years, Stéphane Plaza has been in the spotlight. However, the favorite animator of the French never wanted to confirm if he was really in a relationship. In any case, it is not with Karine Le Marchand that he coos! “The friendship that binds us is only possible because we have no carnal love. As a couple, all of a sudden, we try a little to control the other, and our relationship is based on great freedom, on a deep love but not draconian. I love him, accept him as he is. But I can’t live with him! », confessed the ex-girlfriend of Lilian Thuram for The Parisian.

But this Sunday, July 24, Stéphane Plaza took internet users aback with a mysterious post. This time, the star honored a lovely poem in the caption of her post! Facing the camera, the famous real estate agent dressed in an elegant gray suit poses against a window… Very pensive. “From my window I observe a magnificent spectacle. No obstacle will spoil this privileged moment. That of admiring this much-desired lover. My heart is pounding, I’m trembling. What to do, I’m lost »can we read under his picture.

“I know there is a price to pay…”

Via this text, we guess that Stéphane Plaza does not wish to be seen by the one who makes his heart beat.“May this passion rekindle my flame and console my soul. My fear appears as soon as I fall in love. This time me the unfortunate, no one will know. I want to continue to offer you my heart, to burn from within. You my soul mate, he specifies.

Crazy in love, Stéphane Plaza wishes only the best to the lucky girl… “If one day you come to meet unhealthy people, invaded by hatred, I want to protect you. But I know there’s a price to pay… I repress these thoughts, at the thought of hugging you. What terrible dread to embrace you with languorous kisses. To intoxicate myself with your scent, to caress the softness of your skin. I am drowning in my ailments and I prefer to love you in secret, my beautiful beloved”. Unsurprisingly, many Internet users asked him about it in the comments thread. But Stéphane Plaza refused to reveal other clues. Case to follow!


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