Stéphane pays €1309 for a robot mower while the promo is €1249 at Jardiland de Jumet: the store refuses to reimburse the difference!

Many consumers have already found themselves in this situation: a product is displayed at a certain price on the shelf and, once scanned at the checkout, ends up being more expensive than expected. Stéphane’s case is eloquent and far from isolated.

Probably pushed by the return of good weather, this inhabitant of Acoz prospected to afford a robot mower. His choice ultimately fell on a model displayed at a price of 1,249 euros on a booklet available on the Jardiland site. “It’s the model that suits me and I see that at the Jumet store, three models are available. »

➜ On site, Stéphane sees the same leaflet, printed on paper this time, with the same price: 1,249 euros. Except that… the price this time rose to 1,309 euros.

➜ “An employee tells me that she received the instruction… ‘there are three models left, we will sell them well’”

What to do if you are a victim of this? Test purchase answers us.

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