Stéphane Henon (Plus belle la vie) in the cold with Fabienne Carat? New confidences on their friendship and it may shock you!

For several years, “Plus belle la vie” has been making the best of it at “France 3”. In this successful series, many couples were honored. The one formed by Samia Nassri (Fabienne Carat) and Jean-Paul Boher (Stéphane Henon) unleashed passions. Unsurprisingly, their breakup came as a real shock to thousands of viewers. At the same time, Fabienne Carat also left the saga at the start of the year. “I really liked my character. We contributed a lot, but today, I feel the need to grow up alone and leave it, ”she confessed to“ Télé Star ”in October 2020.

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Very close to his partner, Stéphane Henon spoke about him in the columns of “Télé 7 jours” last March. “I miss her, but the authors had often separated us, already, in recent years. So we had started to get used to it. And then, nothing prevents us from seeing ourselves outside the series ”, entrusted the actor to our colleagues. Unfortunately, their reunion was rare …

Soon, viewers of France 3 will be able to discover a new premium of “Plus belle la vie”. Exclusively for “Télé Magazine”, Henon shared some secrets about this upcoming project. His character will be at the heart of the plot. It’s a choral series and it should stay that way. I’m spoiled with my character, that’s right, because Boher is easy to twist all over the place. The authors have fun with me, ”he said.

During the interview, the darling of Sacha Tarantovich also spoke of his friendship with Fabienne Carat. The artist regrets that the distance has done its work… “I’m not going to lie to you, we’ve been in much less contact since she left the series,” underlined Stéphane Henon.

However, the two stars are not angry. Quite the contrary! “I saw that she was pregnant so I congratulated her. I find what is happening to her wonderful and I know that we will see her again very very soon on our screens ”, concluded the happy father of three children.


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