Stefi Roitman will put his brand of bikinis on sale in Argentina: speculation around prices

Stefi Roitman is in a very happy personal moment, since is about to marry Ricky montaner, one of the sons of Ricardo Montaner, in January 2022. The model she celebrated her bachelorette party with a big party a few weeks ago, and now, before saying “yes” at the altar. prepares for the launch of its bikini brand in Argentina.

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As reported “La Pavada” of the Chronicle Diary, the swimwear business that Stefi created in Miami with the financial support of her partner, the Venezuelan singer of the duo Want y Ricky, will begin to be marketed in our country next week. The young woman longed to take this step for a long time and her marketing team managed to make it happen.

The bikini line is called My Happy and the values ​​that they will have in Argentina are not yet confirmed, but they are a fact that arouses curiosity in the followers of the influencer. In the United States online store, the garments are sold separately and each has a value of $ 45, which in Argentine pesos it would be about 20,000 pesos for a complete set.

In any case, Stefi confirmed that prices will be more accessible than those listed abroad and that they will be according to the economy of our country. Regarding sales, the venture is expected to be successful, but despite the great popularity of the actress, complaints from some users circulated on social networks stating that the designs of the Roitman brand swimsuits are “tiny”.

Check out the video that Stefi Roitman shared about the launch of her swimwear brand in Argentina!

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