Stefi Roitman celebrated her birthday in a great event, accompanied by Ricky Montaner and her family: the photos

Since their relationship began, Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner divide their time between Buenos Aires and Miami. The couple spent most of the year filming what will be the Montaner documentary series, in which they will narrate first-person stories of their lives, including about the wedding of the influencer and the jury of “The Argentine Voice which was in January.

The July 18, Roitman turned 28 and celebrated it first abroad with her husband and on a boat. In a few days, the couple returned to Argentina so that the actress can also celebrate with your family and lifelong friends.

Stefi Roitman turned 28 in Miami.

The party took place on Saturday night at a Peruvian food restaurant in Palermo. Stefi chose a look with a black top and skirt, to which she added a short white shirt on top, without a front part, and her hair was styled with gel, to keep her hair in place throughout the evening.

The look that Stefi Roitman chose for her birthday night.

At the moment of blowing out the candles, Ricky Montaner filmed Stefi Roitman And wrote: I don’t know anyone who likes celebrating their birthday as much as my wife.”. The happiness on the young woman’s face was evident, when she had to break the cake decorated in the form of a piñata, which had candy inside. To close the night, the entire group went to a bowling alley on the waterfront, where they were seen dancing and singing the most popular songs of the moment with great enthusiasm.

Ricky Montaner portrayed his wife’s happiness on the night of her birthday.

See all the photos of Stefi Roitman’s birthday celebration

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