Steff Jerkel: "Goodbye Germany!"-Star lost 70 pounds in 10 weeks

Steff Jerkel
The “Goodbye Germany” star wins a weight loss bet

Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke


“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel lost 30 kilos in a very short time through a bet. Viewers criticize the extreme diet of the TV emigrant.

Stephan “Steff” Jerkel, 52, has really done what sounds almost impossible: The TV face, known from the Vox documentary soap “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”, has lost almost 30 kilos in just two and a half months. But the background is serious.

“Goodbye Germany!” star Steff Jerkel loses 30 kilos

It all started with a bet between friends: Whoever manages to lose the most weight within three months wins – a whopping 10,000 euros. was mid-May Steff Jerkel’s goal is 20 kilos. But not only the challenge drove the Mallorca emigrant through an iron diet program.

“In terms of health, it was high time. My knees are spinning, I can’t breathe well and I always feel tired. Not to mention the look,” said Jerkel “Goodbye Germany”. Even his hair couldn’t believe it before the magical 20-kilo mark. Peggy Jerofke’s husband, 46, only allowed himself a visit to the hairdresser afterwards.

In the end, Steff surpassed his goal by a huge margin – and thus won the bet. The dubious success was announced with an after photo on the “Goodbye Germany” Instagram account. “After 2.5 months of hard work and a lot of discipline, the Mallorcan by choice is now almost 30 kilos lighter,” it says. “I have to process that first. Like a dream. The torment was worth it. Now I can go to the hairdresser,” says Jerkel.

Fans are concerned

In the comments on the post, the TV emigrant is not only congratulated for his “discipline”. Some users and fans of the show are concerned. A follower commented: “So much in such a short time is absolutely unhealthy.” A number of people agree. Some are sure that the “yo-yo effect is almost pre-programmed”.

A “Goodbye Germany” fan criticizes the general praise of weight loss success and writes: “I just think it’s wrong to celebrate because it gives a picture that says if you don’t accept you are undiciplined and haven’t done enough [sic]”.

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