Stefan Mross: The accused pleads guilty at the start of the trial

Stephen Mross
Murder of aunt and cousin: defendant pleads guilty

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It is an incredible crime that deeply shook Stefan Mross’s family in May 2021. The presenter’s cousin and aunt were murdered. The trial before the Salzburg Regional Court began on July 26, 2022 – the accused now pleads guilty.

It was just a year ago that the world stood still for Stefan Mross, 46, and his family: his cousin Helga B., 50, and his aunt Ingrid B., 76, were killed on the night of April 5th to 6th Shot dead in May 2021. The alleged perpetrator, private detective Gottfried O., 52, must now answer before the regional court in Salzburg. Shortly after the trial began, the accused pleaded guilty, as reported by “Bild”.

Stefan Mross: The accused admits the crime

The trial against Gottfried O began on the morning of July 26, 2022. Shortly after the start, the accused is said to have made a confession. “I plead guilty to having killed Mrs. Helga B. and her mother Ingrid,” he is said to have said, according to “Bild” in the jury courtroom of the Salzburg Regional Court.

However, he cannot remember exactly what happened, he suffered a “blackout” and a “complete loss of reality”. The act had “burst over him like a waterfall”. The judge also played a recording of a phone call. Gottfried O. called his ex-wife eight minutes after the crime and spoke to her on tape. “I’m so sorry for everything. It’s over. I shot them both,” he is said to have said. There was disbelief in the courtroom. The court’s psychiatric expert considers the accused “dangerous to the public” and recommends committing him to an institution for “mentally abnormal offenders”.

Stefan Mross: The alleged murderer allegedly ambushed his two victims

Private detective Gottfried O. is accused of another attempted murder in addition to the double murder of the relatives of the “Always Again on Sundays” star, according to the complaint available to “Bild”. He is said to have tried to smother his ex-partner – and his daughter’s mother – because she had recently ended the relationship with him. Helga B. also became his victim because she apparently did not return his feelings.

Her alleged killer is said to have been stalking her for a long time. A police report, which is also available to “Bild”, allegedly documents a complaint of stalking on January 19, 2021. A call for help that apparently died away, because on the night of the crime the man is said to have approached the two women shortly before midnight at their family home in the municipality of Wals- ambushed Siezenheim near Salzburg. After an argument, he allegedly drew his handgun and shot the 76-year-old mother from a short distance before pointing it at Helga B. and pulling the trigger. Both women are believed to have died on the spot. The police officers found the bodies in the entrance area of ​​the house. After the perpetrator first fled, hours later he turned himself in to a special commando after a search.

Gottfried O. suffers from “combined personality disorder”

As a psychiatric report by specialist Dr. Peter Hoffmann revealed that Gottfried O. suffers from a “combined personality disorder with emotionally unstable, dissocial and narcissistic-sadistic parts”. The private detective and Stefan Mross’s cousin are said to have only been in contact from December 2020 to January 2021. Nevertheless, the alleged killer allegedly spoke of her as the “woman of my life”.

Gottfried O. can probably prepare himself for a difficult process. In addition to the double murder and attempted murder, he is apparently also accused of assault, animal cruelty, stalking and possession of prohibited weapons.

Stefan Mross and his mother Stefanie were deeply shocked by the double murder.

Stefan Mross and his mother Stefanie were deeply shocked by the double murder.

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Mross and his family will not be present at the trial. “Even the funeral was a nightmare for me,” said the moderator’s mother to “Bild”. Stefanie Mross, 81, is devastated: “I will never get over her death. We are a big family and suddenly two parts are missing. It’s hard.”

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