Štefan Margita sold out the O2 arena: Hanička Písnička also sang with him

Until the last moment before the concert, Štefan was afraid if it would “hold up”. “But one must not cry on stage. It’s not appropriate, you have to remain professional,” he stated firmly, but then revealed that he couldn’t hold back the tears when he was learning Adieu at home as a duet with Hanka. At the concert, his late love accompanied him from the screen. Štefan had other duets with Lucia Bíla (56) – Goldfish, I wish, or with Vojta Dyk (37) – I know a girl from The Bartered Bride.

Widower of Zagorová (†75) Margita in tears: Statue for Hanička to heaven!

Last days Margaret he didn’t leave the house at all, he diligently practiced at home. The rehearsal took place just before the concert. The nervousness was partially overcome by food. “I have to eat properly, I can’t sing on an empty stomach,” pointed out the singer, who is the complete opposite Karl Gott (†80). He couldn’t eat a single bite before the concert, but after the performance at midnight he was able to order the duck he liked best. “I’m the one who indulges in sandwich sandwiches even during the break of the concert,” Margita smiled.

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