STAY showed their creativity for Stray Kids at Ryadh Festival

STRAY KIDS had to postpone their participation in Saudi Arabia’s Riadh Festival due to weather conditions, but STAY proved to have everything more than ready to experience this magnificent event with emotion.

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After a long wait, STRAY KIDS would have a face-to-face concert in Saudi Arabia, just a few days in advance, the Ryadh Festival confirmed the participation of the K-Pop group in their big event and the fans could not with the emotion.

SKZ he even revealed the setlist that he would present at his concert, a show of almost 1 hour could enjoy STAY with their favorite songs and the best performances of the idol group that was already more than ready to take the stage and unleash the euphoria of their fans.

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But the weather conditions did not allow this concert to take place today, Ryadh Festival postponed the participation of STRAY KIDS and although it was sad news for STAY, the fandom proved to have everything ready for to receive to your fav group.

The fanbase of SKZ devised the best Projects and showed all their creativity while waiting for the entrance to see their favorite boy band, what was the highlight of STAY in this event?

STAY showed off their most creative projects by getting ready for STRAY KIDS’ concert

Although the bad weather did not allow the STRAY KIDS concert take place, STAY was more than ready to receive his fav group and had the ideas more creative in posters that they would show during the performance of the idol group.

STAY created his own brand of fried chicken based on the image of Felix, LOL.

FFC, STAY’s favorite chicken | Twitter: @skzlatamproject

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What is Dwaekki for STAY? the character of Changbin in SKZOO it’s cuter than anything else, right?

A cute poster for Changbin | Twitter: @nats_innie

They also carried kitten signs to Lee Know, ¡awww!

Kitten Posters for Lee Know | Twitter: @skzlatamproject

There were many banners with all the creativity of STAY, although the concert for today, it already has a new date :'(.

When is the STRAY KIDS concert that was postponed?

The concert of STRAY KIDS and Ryadh Festival was postponed for tomorrow January 15, the rain was what did not allow the event to end with SKZ, since the festival was going quite well, but being held in an open place, the conditions did not allow the idol group to perform.

Tomorrow the STRAY KIDS concert will take place | Twitter: @skzlatamproject

At the moment, STAY from Saudi Arabia is returning home after not being able to see their fav group, but we hope that tomorrow they can enjoy the event properly.

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