State-mafia negotiation, the reasons for the appeal: “The carabinieri established contact with the top management” of Cosa Nostra “to find a point of understanding and put an end to the massacres”

Almost a year after the sentence issued on 23 September 2021, the reasons for the appeal process on the negotiation between the state and the mafia were filed. There Court of Assizes of Appeal of Palermochaired by Angelo Pellinohad acquitted the former officers of the Ros at the trial Mario Mori, Antonio Subranni and Giuseppe De Donno because the fact does not constitute a crime: they were accused of threatening the political body of the State. In the first instance they had all been sentenced to very severe penalties. For Marcello Dell’Utri, however, the acquittal was for not having committed the crime. The accusations against the repentant Giovanni Brusca have been declared prescribed. Penalty reduced to the boss Leoluca Bagarella. The conviction of the mafia boss Nino Cinà confirmed. The sentence, motivated in three thousand pages, overturning the verdict of first instance, had in fact confirmed the sentences only for the mafia.

THE CARABINIERI AND CONTACT WITH THE TOP – The interlocution of the leaders of the Ros there was, and is confirmed by the appellate judges of Palermo: “It is undisputed, because proven by the convergent allegations of the direct protagonists of the affair, that Vito Ciancimino”, the former mafia mayor of Palermo ” he understood the proposal initially addressed to him by Mori and De Donno exactly in the terms in which this proposal had been formulated, and therefore, as summarized, in different but semantically equivalent words, by the two former prefect officers. And therefore the proposal was to groped to establish contact with top managementor in any case with authoritative exponents of Cosa Nostra to test their availability for dialogue aimed at finding a point of understanding, that is, an agreement, to put an end to the massacres. Basically – say the judges – the solicitation addressed to Ciancimino to explore the possibility of establishing a dialogue with ‘those people wanted to be, in the intentions of the ROS officers, only a ploy to gain his trust and to buy time, gradually bringing him from their part, since they could not be hard-nosed to ask him to collaborate if he wanted to alleviate his procedural position ”. The former mafia mayor of Palermo, the judges continue “perhaps even unexpectedly for Mori Donno, actually activated immediately, informing (through Antonino Cinà) Salvatore Riina the solicitation for dialogue received by the Carabinieri; Salvatore Riina accepted the “negotiation”, authorizing Vito Ciancimino “.


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