Starving: A horror movie starring Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons terrifying despite several flaws, our review

Halloween 2021 is over and yet the cinema still has enough to terrorize us! After Halloween, released in theaters on October 27, it’s time toHungry to make us scream from this Wednesday, November 17. Directed by Scott Cooper (Hostiles, Les Brasiers de la Anger, Stricty Criminal…), the feature film tells the fate of a teacher, Julia (Keri Russell), and her brother Paul (Jesse Plemons) who will investigate a young schoolboy full of secrets as traumatic as they are terrifying. Horror master Guillermo del Toro also lent a hand to the project as a producer. No wonder then thatHungry gives us a good dose of thrills.

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Hungry. – Credit (s): Walt Disney

We also find part of the director’s universe soon to be at the head of Nightmare Alley with Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper. The creature will indeed recall the monsters staged by Guillermo del Toro while pushing the limits of horror at times. Several particularly bloody sequences should offer viewers an unprecedented dose of hemoglobin, the staging worked as well as the details brought to the work on the horror being captivating. Hungry will certainly succeed in seducing the most gore cinema enthusiasts while offering a psychological thriller.

Hungry. – Credit (s): Walt Disney

It could also be defined more as a horror and auteur cinema thanks to the societal themes that the film addresses, put in parallel with the fantastic aspect of the feature film. Drugs, bullying at school, sexual violence … are all subjects addressed by the feature film which will bring it depth. Julia’s life and her traumas will echo those of her brother, their life having been rocked by the violence of their father, while getting closer to the little boy who must have seen his family disintegrate. Like living flayers, our characters will be devoured by the horror conveyed by this wendigo, the Amerindian legend having served as inspiration for the monster. There will also be a cathartic effect for these. An interesting approach that is reflected in particular through the character of Keri Russell, whose Hungry represents the first horror film.

Hungry. – Credit (s): Walt Disney

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The latter, like Jesse Plemons, will offer a convincing performance, while Jeremy T. Thomas, the interpreter of Luca Weaver, will seem as unpredictable as sensitive. The dynamics of this group will bring emotion to a feature film which suffers from several flaws. Hungry is in particular the reflection of several scriptwriting facilities and of a characterization work which can sometimes seem light. Strangely and despite their personal stories, it is difficult to get attached to the characters, their traumas being finally staged in an inventive way, without really understanding where the filmmaker is coming from. On the plot side, it will use shortcuts. We finally have the feeling that the feature film did not go to the end of its subject. An astonishing observation which will be contrasted by the attention paid to the horrific aspect. Ultimately, Hungry really left us unsatisfied!

We liked:

  • Convincing horror scenes

  • Societal themes addressed

We didn’t like:

  • The feeling of unfinished business

  • Characterization made easy

  • Scenario facilities

Expected from this Wednesday, November 17 in French cinemas, Affamés is a subtle blend of horror cinema and independent cinema. Carried by a convincing cast, hemoglobin enthusiasts should be seduced. Too bad, however, that Scott Cooper’s film multiplies the scriptwriting awkwardness and some characterization flaws.

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