Stars furious at the high bills! Balkanski sold his apartment because of Toplofikatsiya

I sold my apartment to divorce Toplofikatsiya. That was the only way to get rid of them. “
This is what an academician told Bulgaria Today Alexander Balkanski. The circus artist has been fighting against inflated bills for many years. Balkanski is suing the company. The reason – a woman named Laura pays her bills at Toplofikacia with his card.
“I finally got rid of them. I won my case. They gave me my money back,” said the doyen of circus art.

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Balkanski will not even hear about heating

Balkanski has found a way to keep his electricity or gas bills from being even higher after another price hike.
“I put solar panels on my house. I already have a battery that powers my boiler. Soon I will install solar collectors to use energy for the appliances,” Balkanski added.
The academician reveals that he is doing well despite the rise in prices.
This is not the case in his business. The doyen of one of the greatest arts complained that the circus paid for industrial electricity. And the prices there jump with each passing day and hold record values.
“We travel all over the country all the time. We spend only 4 hours on electricity for the circus itself. However, we are charged for industrial goods around the clock,” said Balkanski, who wants to reform.
Our great actress Latinka Petrova is also having a hard time surviving the big bills for Toplofikatsiya. The first invoices have already come out. The bills are quite salty, Petrova revealed.

Lottie is calm about her health, but she is losing some things because of their rising prices

Lottie is calm about her health, but she is losing some things because of their rising prices

“It’s good that the children are alive and well, that they are helping. Otherwise I will run out of pennies and the fridge will be empty,” Petrova told Bulgaria Today.
She has already given herself two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. He is considering a booster dose after 2 months. Now the actress is calmer about her health, but not about how she will cope with the rising cost of everything.
“I save on heating. I only run the radiator in one room. It’s turned on in the others, but they’re icy,” Lottie said.
The actress tries not to deprive herself of anything, as she is already at the age at which she should be pampered.
“At one time we were promised that when we became pensioners, we would live our lives. And what happened? Nothing to do with the truth. They raised the pension, but the bills doubled them,” Petrova added.
Anton Radichev will spend the winter cold as well. The star of “UFO Club” has been at war with “Toplofikatsiya” for years.

Anton Radichev will no longer wage war with

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Anton Radichev will no longer wage war with Toplofikatsiya

“I’m done with them,” Radichev told the newspaper. “I convicted them, I took money. I lost the other case. I paid for it there. And so. The saga between me and them is gone. I don’t let the radiators home. It depends on the winter, “says our great actor.

Mavrodiev is recovering

Stefan Mavrodiev does not complain about the rise in prices in stores, as well as household bills. The director revealed that he did not feel any serious increases, even in heating.

Stefan Mavrodiev does not feel an increase in prices

Stefan Mavrodiev does not feel an increase in prices

“My bill is 145 leva. I manage. I don’t pay attention to the prices. I buy what I want. I don’t deprive myself. I drink beer, I get beer,” Mavro commented.
The director revealed that he may not feel the increase because he lives alone.
“I don’t have a family with me. I’m alone. I don’t cook, I buy ready-made food. I don’t think about anyone but myself,” Mavrodiev added.

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