Stárková rejoices: She is a MOTHER!

Actress Erika Starkova (37), who you can remember from the successful series Most !, is now facing a new life role. It turned out that she gave birth a few days ago and became a mother. The child’s father is her Peruvian friend Cesar Chunk.

The beautiful actress is now going through one of the most beautiful periods of a woman’s life. Erika Stárková (37) is probably snuggling with her little baby at the moment. She didn’t brag about anything on social networks, so she probably wants to protect the privacy not only of the child, but also of herself.

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Her friend and new father Cesar Chunk shares the same opinion. “I do not need to give or say anything. You have to understand that when I want to show the baby, I will do it. It’s intimate for me. “ confided in ŽivotvČ Even though their parents haven’t revealed much to the public, one thing is for sure – they are happier than ever.

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