StarDance paralyzes another covid! Jury in danger

“He will replace Zdeněk Chlopčík tonight in the jury Václav Kuneš, “She wrote to Aha on Sunday around 5 pm! CT spokeswoman Karolína Blinková. When asked if Chlopčík, who confided in his book that he was not vaccinated, covid, she replied: “She is not attending for health reasons. I can’t specify my health condition! “

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Covid still in Stardance, who will lose the next round? And Kubisova is suffering insanely

After all, this is exactly what Blinková writes for everyone who cannot perform at StarDance for pandemic reasons. According to our information, Chlopčík should have a covid-19. It is not exactly clear whether he has been fighting with him for several days and the Czech Television has kept it a secret from the nation, or the disease was proved by a PCR test, which the jury undergoes in the afternoon before the live broadcast.

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Another covid in Stardance and ČT is silent! And Saudek has a one-year-old son he hasn’t seen

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