Star Wars, Rian Johnson on his in-development trilogy: "I want it to be unique and original"

Director Rian Johnson returned to talk about his potential Star Wars trilogy by explaining what characteristics he tries to give to the project.

Rian JohnsonWhile Lucasfilm hasn’t confirmed or spoken about the project again, it appears to still be working on its own Star Wars trilogy.
The director, after making The Last Jedi, had begun the development of another potential film in the stellar saga of which the details had not been revealed, in addition to the fact that it could be the first chapter of a larger story.

In an interview given to comic bookRian Johnson has now stated: “For me, what’s exciting is adopting what makes the Star Wars saga so exciting, but making the film in a way that’s never been seen before, that’s new and fresh.“.
The filmmaker added: “I feel like a lot of the voices currently working in the world of Star Wars are doing just that. And it’s super thrilling to me to see so many different kinds of stories. My friend Leslye Headland is doing a series now which I know is going to be something totally crazy and different. What for me is the principle behind it is that it is something that appears to be Star Wars, but has never been seen before. That’s pretty thrilling“.

Star Wars, Rian Johnson and the future of the saga: coming soon in a galaxy far, far away

In October Johnson, interviewed by varietyhad already updated fans by declaring that he had talked about his project with Kathleen Kennedy and the conversations were still ongoing: “I had a fantastic experience making The Last Jedi, it’s just a matter of timing“.

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