Star Wars: creative differences between the director of Rogue Squadron and Lucasfilm

Everything seemed well under way for Rogue Squadron, the entrance of Star Wars which tells the story of a brave group of rebel pilots who face the forces of the Intergalactic Empire led by Palpatine and Darth Vader. The project has a first-rate director, Patty Jenkins, excited about her work in the most important saga of the seventh art world. But not everithing that shines is gold!

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Rogue Squadron stopped pre-production, apparently due to scheduling problems for the filmmaker in charge. The idea was to shoot the film in 2022 to reach a theatrical release in December 2023. These plans seem to have been forgotten and the reasons would go deeper than a problem with the Jenkins times.

¿Patty Jenkins abandona Star Wars?

Lucasfilm It has not yet issued any official comment on these events, the truth is that there are already rumors on the Internet about the creative differences between the director of the project and the producer in charge. A question hovers over this question: are we talking about delay or cancellation? The clash of opinions seems to be strong enough to upset the plans they had drawn up together.

Rumors on the web speak of serious problems among the filmmakers who sign up to carry out the films of Star Wars and executives led by Kathleen Kennedy. There is little time for directors to tolerate micromanagement and the committee-in-charge plot process. Furthermore, in the case of Patty Jenkins, the director has in folder Wonder Woman 3, where he lives with a high degree of creative freedom and professional pleasure.

Rogue Squadron was announced in the Disney Investor Day last year and, since then, excited fans of Star Wars with the possibility of watching a whole movie of intergalactic battles in which the squad created by Luke Skywalker face imperial forces with the goal of freeing the entire galaxy. Will there be a movie?

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