Star of series and films Eva Hudečková: CONFESSION ABOUT SEX FOR ROLE!

Hudečkováwho in recent decades has devoted herself only to her writing career and closed the door behind the world of film, opened up in the book Interviews a little different by the writer Miroslav Graclík.

Cat and mouse

So how did it go in the world of film and did the directors want her for roles in sex films? “Mostly they behaved gallantly, the courtship only started when they occupied me. Sometimes it was a fun game of cat and mouse, other times a drama with a peace deal. In a few cases, blunt pressure and annoyance arose from it,” admits Hudečková. She was not a saint “I was not a saint, but I never exchanged free choice for dictation. Trading the body for a role was unacceptable. And humiliating,” adds Hudečková.

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Beauty problems

The actress and writer, famous especially under her maiden name Trejtnarová, is said to have had problems with beauty since she was young. “When my childhood was leaving me, I was full of worries. I ran away from deviants, the male race awakened in me fears and regrets. I grew up with the feeling that charms were an obstacle for me. I closed in on myself, I only read about love, I carried in my head the ideal of a man who would impress me and protect me from the poor,” she recalls in the book.

Always a proud Czech

It wasn’t long before she went abroad. “I was lucky to have nice guys. I fell in love in Austria, and also in France, but something pulled me home. The 1960s were miraculous, I couldn’t help but be there, the atmosphere was reminiscent of King Miroslav’s empire, culture was flourishing, our country was reaping success on all fronts around the world. Healthy self-esteem and a sense of dignity emanated from people. I was a proud Czech and I knew that it wouldn’t get over me right away, I wanted to have someone next to me who would be one with me,” adds the later wife of violinist Václav Hudeček (70).

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