Star Academy, two ex-candidates as a couple? A first outing for two noticed …

A few days ago, TF1 celebrated the 20 years of Star Academy with the distribution of three exceptional bonuses. Several former candidates for all seasons took part in the event to immerse themselves in their sweet memories, the opportunity then to discover that some have remained very close. Lucie Bernardoni and Patrice Maktav, for example, ended up fall for each other and get married, although they were not from the same promotion. On November 19, 2021, two other singers suggested that they could follow in their footsteps.

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This is’Aurélie Konate and Lukas Delcourt. The first appeared in season 2 of the Star Ac‘in 2002 and he was revealed the following year, in season 3. Together, they surrendered at the premiere of the new Disney cartoon entitled Charm organized Friday evening at the Grand Rex in Paris. On the photos available in our slideshow, Aurélie Konaté and Lukas Delcourt pose arm in arm in front of the photographers, with undeniable complicity.

However, neither of them has ever indicated that they are in a relationship. On the contrary, they rather ensure on social networks that they are simple friends. On September 27, for example, Lukas Delcourt wished her a happy birthday “Princess Aurélie on Instagram through a montage of a ton of photos of their duo. The pretty performer then commented: “But that I love you my darling Lulu. 18 years of friendship.“So, has their relationship changed since? Are they very good at keeping their love secret? The mystery remains for the moment!

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