"star Academy" : this dumpling of Tiana which put Nikos out of him!

Only one week left before the grand finale. However, this Saturday, November 19, there were still six in competition… or rather five, Louis having directly obtained his place in the final scheduled for November 26, following his evaluations which impressed the coaches. At the end of the big show, two students had to leave the adventure this Saturday, November 19. Chris and…Tiana. The votes of the public were not enough to save them, facing Enola, Anisha and Léa who will be able to try for victory. An evening placed under the sign of duets with big names in French song, where we could discover Léa singing with Marc Lavoine the title “I forgot everything”, Enola sharing the stage with Patrick Bruel on the song “ Who has the right?”, Anisha, very gently, exchanging with Claudio Capéo the beautiful notes of “Riche”… or even Tiana in duet with Camélia Jordana on the moving “Mistral Gagnant”.

“But stop with that!”

At the end of the evening, after a last round of singing bringing together for the last time the six candidates in the running around the title “As long as we still dream” of the musical “The Sun King”, Nikos Aliagas received the precious envelope containing the results of the public votes. A score that looked tight! The verdict falls… and Chris and Tiana find themselves flunked! Approaching the youngest of the program, from the height of his 18 years, the host hands him the microphone. She then exclaims:I never thought I would make it to the semi-finals (…) I didn’t already think that one day I would get into the Star Ac’ but above all to make it to the semi-finals is incredible.” she announces visibly moved. Nikos continues: First time you also left the family home, away from parents, learning something else, without a mobile phone ?” he asks her before being cut off by Tiana who, tac-au-tac, answers : “Without McDonalds !” Oops ! The mistake ! The presenter immediately resumes his words: “This is not an advertisement, it’s a misunderstanding, I say it in all friendship for ARCOM, good evening, good evening”, he immediately specifies so as not to be pinned down! But Tiana doesn’t understand… and when Nikos asks her what’s the first thing she’s going to do when she gets home, Tiana replies again: “McDo”! Exasperated, the host writes: “But stop with that!”. And there’s no need to ask Chris the question, who seems to be in complete agreement with his comrade! All that remains is to create “La Mc Donald’s Academy”…

France Viva

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