"star Academy" : deprived of a swing, Léa fumes in front of Marc Lavoine!

There can only be four left! This Saturday evening, on TF1, the candidates are defending their place dearly to reach the sacrosanct final which will take place on Saturday November 26. The only one not to be worried is Louis who, after brilliant evaluations, obtained the famous sesame winning directly in the final. In fact, Tiana, Léa, Anisha, Enola and Chris are in the hot seat and risk elimination. Only three of them will be saved, and two will have to leave the adventure permanently at the steps of the ultimate bounty.
For the time being, the students compete in presence and vocalizations in the company of big names in French song like Claudio Capéo, Patrick Bruel, Clara Luciani, Vianney, Marc Lavoine or Camélia Jordana.

Léa, for her part, after singing in a trio with Tiana and Enola on the title of Patricia Kaas “Il me dit que je suis belle”, seemed very annoyed at the start of her duet with Marc Lavoine. Nikos warns: “there are some technical glitches” next to Clara Lucciani who replies that it happens and that in these cases, when she is on stage, she tells jokes and does a few drum solos. The host and the singer joke about it…

“Thank you people”…

But on the set, Léa is fuming! The swing where she was supposed to sit to sing “I forgot everything” with Marc Lavoine seems to be loose… Impossible to use! And the duo launches, under the furious gaze of the candidate. At the end, Nikos comes to the rescue: “Did you see how she adapted?” he throws at the singer. The latter, a gentleman, replies that Léa is “fantastic”, that she has “something” rare… then turning to the semi-finalist, says to her: “people like you!”. Still disappointed, Léa replies nonchalantly: “Thank you people”. And grumbles: “I would like to do the swing again… Me, I really liked the swing”. To comfort her, Nikos promises her that if she reaches the final, she will be able to do it again and Marc Lavoine continues: “In rehearsal, she was very beautiful on the swing”. Sulky… Léa does not hide her displeasure. And the singer salutes the courage of Nikos who was injured last week on the prime… as if to close the subject and shut the beak to the student. One of the candidates whose whims will surely have been the most talked about this season!

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