"star Academy" : Adeline Toniutti in tears… why did the students make their teacher cry?

All good things come to an end. And it also works with Star Academy. Indeed, after several years of absence, the famous singing show putting in competition several young artists will bow out in a few days. In fact, the candidates live their last moments at the castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys. Initially thirteen, they are now only four to compete for the title. It remains to be seen who of Anisha, Enola, Léa, or Louis will be named the big winner of the program.

But if the end is near for the candidates, this also applies to the teachers. Starting with Adeline Toniutti who couldn’t hold back her tears during her last lesson. Indeed, this Wednesday, November 23, the finalists attended their last lesson in the company of the young woman who was accused of “torture” towards them a few days ago. On this occasion, they sang the famous chorus of the edition which did not fail to move their teacher.

“We lived a crazy thing”

In tears, Adeline Toniutti took the floor to thank them for their work and above all, for having shared so many emotions with her. “I wish you the best in your life. I am honored to have made this adventure with you. I love you very much. Count on me outside”she confided in front of Anisha, Léa, Louis, and Léa, all as moved as she was.

The teacher of the star Academy did not stop there and took the opportunity to praise the four candidates facing her: You are wonderful artists. You have a lot of talent. We’ve been through a crazy thing. These last lessons are very moving. I will never forget everything that happened. For me, you have already won everything”. If Adeline Toniutti did not manage to hold back her tears for her last lesson, the chances that she will not shed any again during the last bonus are very slim.

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