Squid Game: “The pandemic made the show more believable,” explains the author of the series

According to Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, the 2008 crisis, the advent of cryptocurrencies and, above all, the Covid pandemic made the show more credible.

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Hwang Dong-hyuk, the screenwriter and director of Squid Game is certain of one thing: Sometimes even a good idea needs time to pass before people are ready to appreciate it: the creator of the Netflix series believes that the pandemic played a pivotal role in making the show more credible in the public eye.

A Squid Game scene

The South Korean series was conceived in 2008 and was originally intended for the big screen, but it took Hwang more than a decade to find someone who believed in the project. Speaking through an interpreter, the creator explained to a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter how the changing global landscape helped the show’s concept gain credibility: “Everyone who has seen it thinks it is very realistic.”

There are probably people, right now, playing this game somewhere in the world. I think the pandemic has accelerated the process a bit and now this story is no longer perceived as absurd, at all, it is absolutely in touch with reality“The director continued.”This saddened me a little as a human being, but it also brought me a lot of joy as a creator.”

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Squid Game: The protagonist of the tv series

Hwang Dong Hyeuk, after the birth of cryptocurrencies, realized that the story of Squid Game was becoming more and more real and credible: “It’s almost like a lottery, almost like a bet where people actually doubled or increased their wealth overnight with crypto. The world is gradually moving towards dystopia. These changes have created an environment where if people put their lives at risk for money, playing games for children … well it’s not something so absurd anymore.“.

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