Squid Game: The doll’s voice actress’s parents have banned her from watching the series

The parents of the Squid Game doll voice actress do not allow their daughter to watch the South Korean Netflix series due to ‘too much violence’.

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Despite being known by millions of fans around the world, Reagan To, the 10-year-old actress who voiced the doll from Squid Game in the English-language version of Netflix’s gory hit, she hasn’t seen the South Korean series yet because her parents believe it is “too violent“.

An image from the Netflix Squid Game TV series

I have not seen any of this, not even an episode“Reagan told The Morning Show on Tuesday. The little girl, who also voices the daughter of the main character, was able to hear his voice for a few seconds in one scene.”just before the violent part began“, at which his mother abruptly turned off the TV.

The scene in question, in which To voices a giant doll overseeing the deadly game, features the show’s highest casualty count: contestants who fail to follow the rules of One, two, three, star they are killed without mercy.

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Squid Game: The protagonist of the tv series

The famous Squid Game voice actress has revealed that her brother, 14, is also not allowed to see even one episode of the Netflix series. Reagan To’s interview comes after Chrissy Teigen was harshly criticized last week for dressing up as the doll while throwing a South Korean show-inspired party for her VIP friends.

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