Squid Game season 2: This crazy fan theory around VIPs

While the series Squid Game beats a new record on Netflix, it is not surprising that the creator is already working on a season 2. The next episodes will have to answer many unanswered questions, in particular like the one around the origin of the VIPs. If we learned at the end of Squid Game that the “leader” of them was also the creator of the games, Oh Il-Nam, we don’t know anything about the others. A fan of the South Korean series had fun explaining what these rather peculiar masked spectators represented, drawing a rather disturbing parallel.

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The VIPs in Squid Game – Credit (s): Netflix

Indeed, for Internet user Enperry13, VIPs represent viewers who watch Squid Game at their home. Like the VIP members of the series, they pay to see content (Netflix subscription) and are very demanding about the unfolding of the plots. The fan goes on to explain that these masked viewers have different accents and physique due to their diverse backgrounds, like Netflix subscribers from all over the world. Additionally, like VIPs, viewers bet on players, hoping to see their favorite characters survive the competition.

It’s a totally outlandish theory and a bit far-fetched, but it sticks pretty well to the universe of Squid Game. While there is certainly more to learn about VIPs, it is true that there are certain traits of their characters that can evoke viewers of a series, even if it takes imaginative action. To learn more about these masked members, all our hopes are now on Seong Gi-Hun, who will certainly seek to dismantle the murderous organization in Season 2. Unfortunately, he risks being killed by the remaining leaders!

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