Squid Game season 2: Could Seong Gi-Hun be killed by the organizers?

Season 1 of Squid Game Barely released on Netflix than fans of the series are already eagerly awaiting the sequel. Even if he intends to trust his basic scenario, the creator promises to meet the expectations of the spectators, even, to exceed them. To mark the occasion and pave the way for exciting new storylines, the showrunner may decide to kill the main hero of season 1 in the next episodes. As seen during the cliffhanger, Seong Gi-hun canceled his trip to the US to track down the remaining leaders of the murderous organization and attempt to dismantle the company, but will he manage to escape alive?

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Squid Game — Crédit(s) : Netflix

Since winning the last edition of the games, the ex player 456 – whose number could have a special meaning – has been watched day and night by members of the organization. When he decided not to take the plane, he was threatened over the phone by who knows who, this person obviously not appreciating Seong Gi-Hun’s new plans. It’s a safe bet that the host or the VIPs won’t let him spoil these long and beautiful years of work and to stop him there is only one possible way: kill him.

Squid Game
Squid Game — Crédit(s) : Netflix

The organizers will certainly attack his daughter at the start in order to stop him in his tracks. However, Seong Gi-Hun seems determined to end this murderous enterprise, in which far too many lives have been wasted. If Gi-hun’s death is likely to upset many fans of the series, it might be needed to create new twists and develop other thrilling storylines for Season 2. At the same time, viewers would love the origin of the games to be explored!

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