Squid Game: In North Korea, a man was sentenced to death for importing the series illegally

According to media reports, a man was sentenced to death in North Korea for introducing copies of the Squid Game series to the nation.

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In North Korea a man seems to have been sentenced to death for illegally bringing in copies of the series Squid Game within national borders.
The news, published by Radio Free Asia, claims that the authorities began their investigation after they discovered high school students who were watching episodes of the Netflix show.

A Squid Game scene

The Squid Game series appears to have been introduced to North Korea using a USB stick and via China, where the show is not available but enjoys enormous popularity thanks to illegal online sharing on pirate sites.
Radio Free Asia argues that the person who committed the crime risks being killed executed by a firing squad. The student who bought the flash drive was sentenced to life in prison, while six other people who watched the series received a five-year sentence to spend in forced labor, and teachers and school officials were fired and face danger of having to be exiled and forced to work in the mine.

The dramatic situation is linked to a law passed in North Korea in December 2020 which prohibits the introduction and dissemination of cultural materials such as films, shows, music and books. The aim is to prevent the dissemination of works from South Korea and the United States.

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